Soul Kiters kiteboarding center is located right on the shores of the sandy lagoon of the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea, near the small town of Dahab, which is an 3 min drive from Dahab resort town and an hour drive from Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport.

kite school soul-kiter Dahab is In the center of the lagoon,  The lagoon is separated from the sea by a large wide spit, which makes it possible to consider the training in very easy condition, flat and shallow water. Due to the geographical location and natural conditions, it is mostly windy in Dahab – statistics can be viewed on the website www.windguru.cz in the “archive” section. The city is located at the narrowing point of the bay, where the mountains come close to the sea and create additional conditions for increased wind, therefore it is more correct to look at the modified wind value on the forecast map, it is always higher.

For the convenience of the guests of our center, a cozy chill-out has been built, where you can relax after kiting or training, drink tea, chat and exchange experiences, smoke a hookah.


Shower and toilet are provided at the place. Guests with their equipment are given the opportunity to store equipment, use of compressor, desalination. For guests who have been trained in our school, as well as for those who can ride on their own, equipment rental is provided. For those wishing to purchase a kite, kiteboard, control bar or something else, both new and used, there is a shop. In the event of equipment failure – rupture of the dome, cylinders, slings or other damage – we are ready to offer qualified repairs with a quality guarantee.